Anavar (oxandrolone)

Anavar profile

Anavar is the name given to the steroid compound oxandrolone. It is a mild steroid that has many positive effects without a lot of side effects to it. Users report solid gains in strength and mass that is not companied by water retention. It is also an effective fat burner. Results can be expected quickly from Anavar and weight gains tend to be permanent although slow to develop.

Anavar usage and dosage

An average dose of Anavar is around 20 mgs per day and 10 to 15 mgs per day for women. When coupled with 20 to 30 mgs of Halotestin or 120 to 140 mcgs of Clenbuterol per day, Anavar can achieve some drastic results for bodybuilders.

Anavar side effects

Side effects of Anavar are quite mild. It is one of the least toxic steroid compounds available, especially when compared to other oral steroids. Side effects to watch out for are acne and early balding. More serious side effects such as high blood pressure are also possible for people predisposed to high blood pressure. Although safe for women at low doses, high doses can cause virilization symptoms such as deepened voice, body hair, etc.

Anavar availability

Anavar is readily available online and in the black market, however, it is quite expensive. Anavar comes in 30 tablet boxes of 15 tablet strips each. It is sold under the generic name of Oxandrolone in Europe.

Anavar research

Oxandrolone is used medically to treat burn victims and others whose muscles have suffered some kind of trauma and need a steroid to stimulate growth. Because of its mild nature and mild side effects, it is often the drug of choice to prescribe children who need this kind of medical treatment.

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