Weight Loss Treatment With HCG Drops

HCG Oral: Easy to use take home oral hcg drops come in refreshing flavors. Simply put a measured drop under your tongue daily. HCG drops also includes a daily does of vitamin B-12 that gives you natural energy, is an essential B vitamin for your nervous system and overall stress management. Find out some of the best hcg drops on the online market. There are many reviews websites available online. Read the reviews from at least 8-10 websites before purchasing hcg drops.
HCG Injectable: This is a take home method of daily self administered subcutaneous tiny injections typically on the fat on the abdomen side is best, we also include the B 12 in this form as well.
Prescription Protein Powder: Our protein powder is specifically designed to go with the HCG program and has a specialized mixture of essential vitamins, homeopathic and natural weight reduction ingredients. The carb, protein and fat ratio are designed to fit perfectly with the program. We highly suggest you do not use over the counter protein powders, this is a prescription only.
MCT Oil MCT Oil: The highest quality of MCT oil, this is the oil used on the HCG diet program.
HCG cookbook: Our HCG cookbook offers a variety of recipes to keep your HCG diet fresh and interesting. It will also teach you how to cook and shop for healthy lean meals for when you completed the diet and want to maintain your new weight.
Xocia anti oxidant chocolates: Allowing on square a day this dark chocolate + acai berry has the highest antioxidant rating over any other food or supplement. Anti oxidants are essential to process the by products of fat loss, free radicals form when you diet and you need antioxidants to counter this. Not only is it a recommended supplement on the program it also adds some variety. This chocolate took two years to formulate as it is the highest level of dark chocolate, cold pressed and from the best chocolate plants in the world.
Xocia chocolate drink: One shot of this potent anti oxidant drink is approved for our HCG weight loss program. Share it with your family as a super octane antioxidant that even kids like to drink. Mix in protein shakes and other approved drinks.
Vitamin/Mineral supplement: Providing the best combo supplement on the market today, prescription grade to keep your natural energy up while on the program.
Yohimbe Yohimbe fat loss creme: Yohimbe is a powerful Beta antagonist with means it targets your fat cells on the hip and thigh area that are resistant to allowing their fat stores to be released. This natural, highly powerful creme is rubbed directly over the thigh and hip area for those that wish to add extra body sculpting to their program.
relax Hypnotherapy CD for weight loss: Think your way thinner. some clients may need some stress management and diet coping skills and hypnotherapy is a medically proven solution to sub conscious self sabotaging eating habits. Listen once a day for 30 days and you will create a new sub conscious pattern in your association with food and eating style.

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